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How Business Intelligence Can Improve Online Customer Experience

While casinos have been around for as long as we can remember, that doesn’t mean they haven’t been changing with time. The traditional Vegas casino paved the way for a new generation of customers that quite simply prefer to play from the comfort of their homes in online casinos. And that’s where our business comes in.

However, as online casinos become more commonplace it is important to improve your overall customer experience to maximize your profits and ensure customer loyalty. After all, at the end of the day, more playtime is more revenue, and that means that you will want clients to stay for as long as possible and enjoy their time on their platform.

That is where data comes in. The internet experience is all about data, and while all of it is quantifiable, it can also be overbearing if you don’t know how to analyze it. Which is why today we’ll be taking a look at the role of BI in improving customer experience. That way you’ll know exactly how to invest your players in your online casino.

Understanding Business Intelligence

First and foremost we need to clear up what Business Intelligence means in this context. BI or Business Intelligence refers to a collection of software and services that can help convert raw data into understandable insights for your business to analyze and make choices with. So in short, Business Intelligence refers to any tools that take general data about your business and help convert it into more useful and easily analyzed data.
However, what kind of information is relevant for Business Intelligence? Almost any sort of statistic you can think of. BI tools can keep track of your most played games, the best earners amongst your catalogs, show you which titles are underperforming as well as provide detailed reports on your profits vs your expenses.
All of this information exists, but BI ensures that the important information is easy to grasp and that you can access it easily.

How BI can help your Online Casino

The biggest benefit that BI offers is that it shows you accurate data on your online casino based on real processes. Through the use of BI tools you’ll be able to identify just how many players are choosing a given slot, understand how much they invest per session and even which games see the lowest revenue and/or the highest number of players.

This information is important because it allows you to keep a closer eye on all of your games, and also to notice common trends amongst your player base. Perhaps there is a game that constantly underperforms despite its costly license fee? BI allows you to notice this trend and remove it from your portfolio. Similarly, since you’ll have a clear grasp on what games do perform well and are popular you’ll be able to tailor your website’s experience to exploit these trends.

Building a unique customer experience

Bonuses are an essential aspect of the online casino market, and they help give a final push to interested customers to play on your website. However, what if you could offer custom bonuses based on real trends and information you

obtained from Business Intelligence tools?

If you’ve noticed that a specific game is by far the most popular pick in your casino you can make new bonus campaigns centered around it. This way you’ll be able to keep existing users invested in a game they already love, and direct new ones towards a title that has a wide acceptance rate amongst players.

BI also provides you with detailed information on players’ habits like their most common login times and their most active days. This means that future campaigns and events can be planned for those moments when the number of connected players is at its peak.

The key with BI is that it allows you to understand your player’s habits more straightforwardly, and this information can allow you to tailor any future choices around their tried and true trends.

Let’s sum it up

Business Intelligence refers to a suite of technological tools and services that can provide you with more easily digestible information on your online casino and important statistics like revenue, playtime, and so on. Now, information is perhaps the most important tool in digital businesses, and by taking into account the info provided by BI you can completely reinvent your customer experience around their needs and habits.

BI gives you the required information to truly understand your player base and their preferences, once you’ve grasped that you can then redirect your efforts into new campaigns that can help provide your players with more credits for their favorite games or better odds on the days they are most likely to be active. This way you’ll be offering a custom experience that directly rewards them while ensuring their loyalty and your continued profits. And it all starts with a bit of information.

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A Move to Playtech

The next stop in Kanfi’s career was with one of the true industry giants, Playtech. He was CEO of B2C for just over five years between 2016 and 2021.
He had several responsibilities managing all areas of B2C relations in a newly setup company. This included managing several subsidiaries around the globe, including in Mexico, Spain, and the UK. Furthermore, Kanfi was in charge of technology and support teams in Bulgaria and Ukraine.
In this senior role, Kanfi had many other obligations, such as taking responsibility for revenues in relation to business plans in all PT B2C JVs and other partnerships. He also had to balance CPA costs in countries such as the UK, Spain and Mexico. At the same time he was continually working to innovate and find ways to scale the business in as cost-efficient a way as possible.

A Winning Career

Kanfi’s next major role was as Manging Director of Operations for, which for many years was one of the leading gambling operators in the UK market and elsewhere. His extensive responsibilities included all product, CRM, CX, compliance and operations aspect of the casino and sportsbook business. He also oversaw the launch of new brands in regulated markets while working to implement new technologies in order to improve retentions, reduce costs, and so on. He also reviewed all on-site customer processes, leading to an increase in signups, deposits, and retention.
Before long, Kanfi became’s COO. In his role, he delivered revenue growth in key joint venture operations including for brands such as Marca Apuestas, Caliente, and Maxbet.

Work with William Hill

Kanfi then went on to work with William Hill for several years. He was managing director of two subsidiaries, based in the Philippines and Bulgaria, where he had full responsibility for customer service, risk, VIP retention, CRM, and more. During this time, he established and managed call centres with more than 350 employees spread around three locations and spearheaded numerous advancements, such as the move to live chat customer support, and the automation of risk and payment processes.