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The Role of Emails in CRM

When it comes to online casinos, marketing is everything and is what separates good casinos from ones that fall under pressure. CRM systems generate leads and get customers interested and coming back time and time again. Let’s take a deeper look at exactly how CRM works when it comes to online casinos.

The Problem With Marketing Online Casinos

Adverts for online casinos are absolutely everywhere and there is no doubt that they hook customers in. However, attracting new customers is only half of the battle; you have to keep current customers interested to really thrive as a brand. There are many casinos online and customers need to be given a reason to keep coming back to a particular one.
It is proven that gamblers are creatures of habit and once they find a casino that they like, they will usually stick to that one and their interest will not waver elsewhere. If you have a CRM system in place, however, a customer only needs to use your casino ONCE and from that point, you can target their specific interests to keep them keen. Brand loyalty is one thing but there are definitely ways that you can develop a larger amount of customers using emails and CRM.

More About CRM

CRM stands for “customer relationship management” and it is a very special thing that connects customers and the business in question (in this case online casinos). When you have customers at your online casino, different information is stored about them and this ranges from how frequently they visit, how much time they spend playing, how much money they spend, and so on. CRM data used to be analyzed and produced by hand but that was very time-consuming and is the reason why there are so many different CRM software programs out there nowadays. A good CRM software management program will store all of this information for you.

The Role of Emails in CRM

CRM email marketing combines the data used from CRM to target existing customers to online casinos and their particular preferences. It is known to be a very effective tool and most casinos online will have some kind of system like this in place. CRM automates different pieces of data in marketing and this can be very effective with online casinos and all the different demographics that need to be targeted. With all of this in mind, let’s take a look at the effectiveness of emails for online casino marketing in general.

The Effectiveness of Emails for Online Casino Marketing

There are many reasons why emails should be used with gambling websites and it is probably the most effective form of marketing in this situation, even more so than with adverts that you might see online or on the television.

• Some customers play at an online casino once and then forget about it. When you target them using their CRM data reminding them of the game they enjoyed most or different promotions that you have available, they are going to remember the website and will be much more likely to return.

• Another reason why emails work so well is that you are putting your brand name in their head as it flashes up in their inbox.

• When you use a customer’s name on the email, they are likely to feel special and will want to return. You are building up a better relationship with them and you are also showing excellent customer service which could make you stand out from other casinos.

• It is a great tool to entice people to play perhaps advertising new games on the site and giving them an incentive to play like free spins.


Time and time again, studies have shown that the most effective form of marketing is emailing customers directly for a number of different reasons, this is even more apparent with online casinos. If you have a high-quality CRM system in place to detect customer behavior and respond accordingly using emails, you are much more likely to have a successful website that keeps people interested. Think about the connection between your casino site and CRM today and you will see just what it is possible to achieve if you are smart about it.

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iGaming Services and Marketing Specialist

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A Move to Playtech

The next stop in Kanfi’s career was with one of the true industry giants, Playtech. He was CEO of B2C for just over five years between 2016 and 2021.
He had several responsibilities managing all areas of B2C relations in a newly setup company. This included managing several subsidiaries around the globe, including in Mexico, Spain, and the UK. Furthermore, Kanfi was in charge of technology and support teams in Bulgaria and Ukraine.
In this senior role, Kanfi had many other obligations, such as taking responsibility for revenues in relation to business plans in all PT B2C JVs and other partnerships. He also had to balance CPA costs in countries such as the UK, Spain and Mexico. At the same time he was continually working to innovate and find ways to scale the business in as cost-efficient a way as possible.

A Winning Career

Kanfi’s next major role was as Manging Director of Operations for, which for many years was one of the leading gambling operators in the UK market and elsewhere. His extensive responsibilities included all product, CRM, CX, compliance and operations aspect of the casino and sportsbook business. He also oversaw the launch of new brands in regulated markets while working to implement new technologies in order to improve retentions, reduce costs, and so on. He also reviewed all on-site customer processes, leading to an increase in signups, deposits, and retention.
Before long, Kanfi became’s COO. In his role, he delivered revenue growth in key joint venture operations including for brands such as Marca Apuestas, Caliente, and Maxbet.

Work with William Hill

Kanfi then went on to work with William Hill for several years. He was managing director of two subsidiaries, based in the Philippines and Bulgaria, where he had full responsibility for customer service, risk, VIP retention, CRM, and more. During this time, he established and managed call centres with more than 350 employees spread around three locations and spearheaded numerous advancements, such as the move to live chat customer support, and the automation of risk and payment processes.